English Tuition

Improve your English



  • I would like to improve my everyday conversation skills so I can be more confident talking to other people.
  • I am having difficulty understanding my work colleagues especially when they start using Aussie slang.
  • I have some employees who are having problems at work with their spoken and written communication.
  • I want to improve my CV and cover letter to have a better chance with my job search.
  • I am worried that my English won’t be good enough in my job interview and would like help with my job interview skills.
  • I would like to be able to communicate better with my child’s teacher and be more involved in my child’s education.
  • I am planning to apply for a visa but need to obtain higher IELTS scores.
  • I will be visiting Melbourne and would like to practise my English with a teacher whilst doing some sightseeing.
  • I am moving to Melbourne and would like some assistance with orientation when I arrive.

If so, we can help you improve your English language skills in any of these situations plus more!