English Tuition

Tutoring sessions can be one-on-one or in small groups. We can also arrange online or skype sessions if you are not in Melbourne or not able to meet face-to-face.

The sessions can be structured to meet your specific needs or you may wish to practise your English conversation skills with a qualified teacher in a more informal setting or in real life situations. For example, in a café, shopping/at the market, “walking and talking”. If you are visiting Australia or have recently moved here this can be a valuable way to gain confidence in your language ability.

We can arrange tuition for a variety of purposes including:


  • IELTS preparation

  • OET preparation

  • General English

  • Workplace English

  • Conversational English

  • Preparing documents in English

You may like assistance with another service such as:


  • Tuition in another subject area

  • Resettlement assistance

  • Excursions or day trips

  • Homestay accommodation

  • Job search

If you have a query about one of the above please contact us.